Hello everyone! A beautiful day starts with a beautiful mindset. When I was a kid, my grandmother always told me, ” you can’t expect to have a good day or to be productive if you walk around like that.” She said I did not smile enough when I was a kid and I always looked like I was pissed off about something. Now I understand what she meant. At times, we wake up and feel amazing but there are other times we wake up feeling like we have the whole world’s weight on our shoulders. If you are feeling like the second one, it’s okay. I think it’s normal and I don’t think there’s an explanation to that yet. Just look at it as maybe you had a bad dream that you can’t remember, or you slept on a weird position and now your neck hurts. But what really matters is how you go about it. It might not be easy to see, but you have a whole day full of potential ahead of you. Don’t let a bad mood take that away from you. If you have enough time, go for a run and take a cold shower. Usually it helps. Or go to a local cafe and smile at strangers. Observe them, I am sure you will realize that things could be worse than waking up in a bad mood. Lighten up and have a great day! 

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