I am a firm believer that each person has their own stars within them. They shine and we all are born with our own unique shine. They shine of course. But it’s our responsibility to find them and to discover them. It’s what I call passion. Each person has their own passion within. And it does not matter whether it’s with art, or books. Some of us tend to ignore them because we are so busy with obsessing ourselves with others’. We are so busy occupying our minds with the things that we want and the things that we don’t have. We end up wanting to be just like them to the point where we burry ourselves deep and it makes it harder for most people to realize that they exist. We end up living in other people’s shadows and become followers. We forget about ourselves. We end up loving ourselves less instead of discovering what we are capable of. We get jealous and then we feel insecure. We get sad and then we feel useless. We get so attached to the idea of what we should have, we can barely recognize ourselves when we look at the mirror. All we see is an empty vessel whose always waiting on the person or the society to dictate what we should do next. 

But don’t let it get that far. Stop for a second and breathe. Ask yourself, what really makes you happy? Be different and don’t be ashamed of yourself just because your interests are unlike what you see on the front page of the magazine. Find the stars within yourself. I promise, they exist. And it’s not too late to find it. 

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