Everything that you have lost in life is still out there somewhere. Like that asshole who broke your heart. He’s still out there chasing women and leading them on. Nothing new. Like that friend who you thought was your friend until she turned around and stole your cash without asking and then made up stories about you, she’s still out there stealing from someone else and she’s still talking about anything but good. Because that’s how she is and she never changed. Like the bestfriend that you lost over a miscommunication because she believed others instead of you. She’s now bestfriend with someone else, but still believing others over her so called bestfriend. They’re still out there doing the same exact thing. Funny how things go in circles. Break it. Look at yourself in the mirror and ask yourself what you’re doing so you do not end up like them. No direction. Never will grow up. 

Because you are better than them. You gained when you lost them. 

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