I lightened my hair nearly five days ago and surprise surprise, it left my hair brassy and dry. But like I said, this is not something new since I have naturally dark hair. 

This post is just to show you and update you how my hair is doing and what I am current doing to baby it. 

This was my hair the day after I lightened my hair. I did not hate it, but I was not loving it either. 
This is my hair at the moment: 

I am loving it at the moment. Although I am working on being very patient with it. 

I toned my hair using the Wella T18 and T11. I mixed both with a 20 volume developer. I purchased a coconut and keratin protein conditioner. 

I am probably going to lighten the back more than anything. 

Stay tune! 


    1. Before I did this I made sure to consult my doctor. I also have an aunt who is an obgyn doctor. As long as I do not inhale the chemicals any dye won’t affect me or the baby. And in my case the dye did not even touch my skin:) but thank you for your concern ❤️


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