Hi everyone! I know the title sounds a little basic but so what. Now that I have all the time in the world to think of millions of topics, I can share ten times even more. Yay! 

Personally, I do not like the word “Bae”, but that’s an opinion. I don’t like how it sounds. That’s all. But I chose to name this topic A’s before BAE’S because well, first, it seems to be the new “baby” everybody calls their significant other Bae nowadays. *ugh* I guess I’m just trying to fit it. *laughs*. Second, since most people who call their significant other “Bae” are still in high school or in their early 20s and most of them are still in school, I would like to address the ladies in that age range. 

Good guess. We are going to be talking about school little ones. I want to talk about it because I want to share some wisdom. The title should already tell you where I am going with this. And that is, you should worry more about grades more than you worry about boys. Let me tell you why. 

Boys are always going to be there but you can never go back and change your grades . Skipping school to meet your Bae? Please stop. Think of your future. Fun lasts less than what?Five  minutes? But the shame that you will feel when you fail a class for choosing that decision lasts longer. 

Yes. I am saying that school is more important than Bae. Because it is. 

Crying because of Bae and you couldn’t do your homework? Stop. There is a difference between a real lover and a distraction. Real “BAE’S” push you to be better. Ten years from now, you will look back and laugh at this. Cheer up. 


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