Hi everyone! I hope everybody is having a great day so far. Just a little and quick update of what has been happening lately. I had some complications that required me to stop work and stay home. 

I have to admit, the thought of it made me sick for a little. I do not consider myself a workaholic in any way, because I am the kind of person who always looked forward to my days off. I love working. It gives me a purpose and a routine to stick with. Lately though, I have been dealing with stress and I did not even realize it until this last Monday where I had to be checked. It was an eye opener. It was like I had to wake up. Yes I have been stubborn. My husband always told me to stop working, but I did not. I did not see why I should. When other women work until the day they give birth. Why can’t I do the same? Why can’t I be like them? 

Well the other day I finally accepted the fact that every pregnancy is different. 

So here I am attempting to enjoy my time at home while I can. I have decided to drown myself with novels and coloring books. 

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