Why do you put your self esteem in the hands of a complete stranger? 

Hello ladies and gents. Today’s topic is about our self esteem and how other people’s opinions affect it so easily. It’s something that sometimes takes years to build up and then one day a stranger comes along, and out of nowhere spits a line of opinion, then all of your efforts are gone. So you start feeling like you have focused on the wrong thing all along.

This is for all those who let other’s opinion take charge of their self esteem.

Have you ever gone home from work or from anywhere after a long day and looked at yourself in the mirror and asked, “Do I really look that skinny?” or thought of something you saw on social media about someone’s opinion regarding a certain appearance.. Your appearance. So you start thinking about yourself and how you feel like a loser for feeling so attractive before leaving your house today. If your answer is yes, then I am talking to you.

STOP IT. People have different tastes, even you. You either like something, or do not like it. But just because you don’t find something entertaining or attractive, does not mean it’s ugly to another person. Why do you think some people prefer to live in the city and some prefer to live in the country? Because people have different tastes and opinions. So, for you to think of those thoughts after reading or hearing a person’s little opinion is very unfair. Unfair to yourself. Take pride of your own self. You should know and you should tattoo this in your head. You are unique in your own way. So wear any dress that you like, work out if you want to. Eat the last piece of cake. Do what makes you happy and stop letting others take charge of your own self esteem.

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