Hello guise! Welcome back and yes, it does not matter if I published more than seven times a day, I will always be saying hi and welcome. This post is dedicated to all of you. At first, I was thinking of writing something for our beloved workaholics and overachievers like my husband. But I thought about it and realized that we all are the same when it comes to doing something we love. 

Whether we are doing something we love or just doing something for the sake of getting it done, we stress ourselves out and focus on what we haven’t done instead of looking at how much effort we have out into it. Basically taking ourselves for granted. 

“You are only human.” 

That’s what I tell my husband all the time especially when he stresses out about the restaurant. (My husband manages their family restaurant) which for a man of his age and dealing with that kind of stress is amazing. And I always make sure to remind him how proud I am of him. I am sometimes surprised how he has not pulled his hair out yet. But I guess it takes a special and specific kind of person to be able to deal with that field. 

Stop for a second and take a deep breath. Take a step back and look at what you’ve achieved and look how far you’ve gone. Give yourself a pat on the shoulder. You deserve it and you’re doing great. Then you can keep going. Always remember that your time is gold which means that if you’ve put in your time on something it becomes your own masterpiece. Whatever you’re doing. Be proud of it. You deserve more credit than you think. 


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