First of all I would like to say hi!!… Again. I want to say welcome back! But it’s not like I have been gone for 12 hours since the last time I posted. But thank you for being here! 
Today, I want to shine a light and attention to our brothers and sisters who are going through a bad break up, or any type of heart breaking situations. Where ever you are or whatever you’re doing, please please know that everything will be OKAY and everything will get better. We all go through heartaches don’t we? And I think that it is just right to give the ones who are dealing with hurt a little push to the bright side. Before I found my happy ending, my heart was broken to pieces. I lost my trust and doubted my happiness today, but I didn’t sit there forever. I knew I deserved the best and told myself there’s no sense of wasting more time crying because I’ve already wasted enough. When we are heartbroken or hurt, we tend to crawl into a tight dark corner and stay there and do nothing but read as much sad, and failed love quotes as we can. Of course, for a day or two that is pretty normal. Especially now that Tumblr and Twitter is around where our misery can easily find company. But don’t stay there. Post away with your sad quotes and stories for a little while but do not get stuck. Wake up and look in the mirror and ask yourself if that’s what you’re really here for. I’m sure the answer is no. You were here to enjoy life as much as you can. Sure, your feelings got hurt and everything you taste is right now is bitter but don’t sit there and keep taking it. You’re actually cheating yourself with the happiness that you could have. Cry it all out, and then get back up and start fresh. Grow some balls!! Someone out there cares. I care. You are amazing and destined to be with someone who sees nothing but that. So, cheer up and feel better! 


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