Facebook is a great place to be if you want to see what everybody is up to. It is something that everybody has nowadays. Even my grandmother who has no idea how to work a tablet owns a Facebook account. I live very far from my beloved relatives and Facebook is a place where we can all communicate and check on each other. It is also a great place to share inspirational stories and pictures. I often get on to share hilarious videos and truths to others. While there are countless of benefits of having a Facebook account, there are also the bad side in my opinion anyway and one of those is risking your privacy. But we aren’t gonna talk about that now. 

I would like to talk about personal things that people should not share to the public.

Your dirty laundry. 

Just like great cat videos and awesome stories we see on Facebook, it also became the home of our personal stuff. We go on there and share personal opinions, vent about different things and Facebook is where we read other people’s dirty laundry. Whether if it is about your husband divorcing you and the reasons why or if it is the reason why you are upset because you and your man have decided to make up and break up for the 9th time, these things should not be aired in public. 


You want to be judged. Nobody wants to feel judged. But air your dirty laundry on Facebook and people will judge you in any way posible because, well. They can. By you putting it out there gives them the right to comment and react, even if you like it or not. That’s what Facebook is for. 

You want to become a laughing stock. 

You want to look pitiful. 

You have no life outside Facebook. 

If you are seeking for an advice, private message or talk to somebody that you trust. 

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