So you are walking with your spouse or girlfriend or boyfriend and you see someone who is clearly cheking out your significant other, what would you do? How would you feel? Everybody is different, but I myself do not have a problem with it honestly. Instead, whenever I see someone cheking him out I find myself teasing him. 

Do not get me wrong. There is always a boundary, but if someone is just simply looking, help yourself! Admire what I have. Deep down inside I feel secure enough to not freak out. He has done a good job at reassuring me when he needs to and I trust him fully. That is why I do not get mad. I also know that my husband is attractive and people are going to look. People are people aren’t they? We all look and that does not always mean we have a bad intention. I often ask him when I see an attractive girl if he thinks she is attractive. Although I feel that sometimes he is biased and scared to hurt my feelings, I just laugh at it. I appreciate his thought. What about you? 

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