Hello everyone! When I decided to start a blog, I subscribed to different kinds and enjoyed reading them. I did notice something that most of them have in common and that is, most of them are lifestyle blogs. I have nothing against them. Infact, I am a big fan. But I wanted a blog that is different for many reasons. 

My life is not that exciting. Well I do not mean it like that. There is a lot going on in my life and infact, there is too much going on that documenting it can be a struggle. I did try to do it though, documenting and taking really cute pictures but I got burnt out. 

I love to write about anything and everything. My thoughts are always going 300 mph and they do not focus on one topic. I want to write about them, all of them! 

I want to work on my writing. As much as I love to write, I also would like to focus on improving. When it comes to writing, I believe writing as much as I can can help me. It has done me good and I love doing it. 

I want to share my unfiltered thoughts and connect with others. That means that. I want to connect with others while expressing myself at the same time. 

Sometimes, I sit and think worry about the direction of my blog even though I know I should not. I cannot help it sometimes because I just feel like I’m swimming a little far from the shore. Thanks to categories though, I manage to organize them. Any thoughts?


  1. Your blog is a place that you can confine in and out anything you damn well want on. People find solace on here, finding themselves and others in the process. Blogs are an expression of yourself, not for the entertainment of others. You’ll find that people respond to the unique blogs rather than the standard some content lifestyle posts. My advice, post without thinking if it matches the last post. Write and random and you’ll find you’ll write a lot more. ☺️


  2. I’ve recently started my own blog and love the feeling of ownership I have over it because it’s mine and that’s what makes it unique. I definitely appreciate this piece! Check out my blog sometimes at ! It’s all about me finding my voice and loving my voice because my words are magic and we all have something to say! I really hope you check it out.

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