Hello everyone! Today I got off work early than usual. Well not really. I have been working the late shifts lately since it is kind of hard for me to wake up early mornings now adays. Perks of having a great boss and co workers. They have been really awesome about working with the pregnant me. Today, I worked a very short shift since it is a Sunday. It went by pretty quick. After work, I picked up my siblings and headed to Palm Coast Florida where my mother lives. It is about an hour and a half drive to get here. Since I have a three day vacation starting today, I decided to take the drive with my dog and siblings. We missed our mother’s cooking! 

At the moment, I am settled in my little brother’s bedroom. It’s mine for tonight. I have missed being with this family so much. Now adays we do not hang out much. Ever since I got married and then finding out I am expecting has changed many things. This is one of them. So from time to time, and while I can, I take the drive here and enjoy their company. Even if it means just for a few hours since my mother works tomorrow morning. I would have to drive back home in the morning. This is also the first time not sleeping in the same bed as my husband ever since we got married. It feels a little off. It was so easy to get used to each other. He has become my home. That’s why. He was a little sad too of course. We are forever the cheeziest couple. Just to let you know. Do you think that’s weird? Because I think that is how it should be. A lot of people say it would get old, but I really do not believe so. Everybody is different. I get that. I am still at the stage of getting used to being away from my own mother. Even when it has been almost a year ago that I moved with my husband, I still get homesick from now and then. I dream and drool over the thought of her cookings. Do you feel the same? I would like to hear from you. It would be nice to know. 

12 thoughts on “HOME IS WHERE MOM IS

  1. As the saying goes: ‘There’s no place like home.’ I find it true, I pop over to my parents place all the time and it just has the ‘Home’ feel. Even though I’m married with two kids of my own.

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      1. Ohh I’m a huge foodie! Actually, last night i went for dinner, Sunday roast.. And you know, even if i cooked the same thing, it never tastes the same!! Do you find that?


      2. Likewise, and thank you. Your link coming off your comments is mycupoftea102.wordpress.com, it’s redirecting to the wrong site it appears.


      3. Might have to go into your settings. Just thought I’d let you know 🙂 Good chat, now I’m hungry.

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