Heartbreaks are something that nobody can get away from. When it happens, it leaves you hanging, it leaves you disappointed, and leaves questioning your own worth. For a moment you actually think and believe that you are unlovable. It makes you wonder if you could have done something differently when really, it was not you.

Heartbreaks make you doubt the expectations that you had when you were a child. Whether from watching Disney movies or from watching your grandparents love and grow old together. Heartbreaks also make you feel like you have to settle. Heartbreaks are scary because it can blind you from what you really deserve.

But heartbreaks are also a blessing because you learn from it. Heartbreaks are a blessing in disguise because it makes you realize the things that you do not want in a relationship or in a person.

My first relationship was in fact the worst relationship that I have been in, but only because I did not know how to handle anything back then. I was treated poorly and I let the boy take me for granted. When we broke up, I was devastated. Of course, because the idea of dating was new and again, I had no idea how to handle it. Time passed and I healed. Now, every time I look back to the experience I laugh at it and think of how stupid it was for me to think like it was the end of the world. But I guess that is also normal.

The experience taught me things that I would not have learnt if it was not for the heartbreak. I also dated other men and experienced a couple more heartaches. Every heartache felt like a fresh new one every time it happened but in experience, I learnt something that contributed to my happiness now.

I learned not to let anyone take me for granted. I learned not to let anyone step all over me, I learned not to settle for anything that makes me think twice and a lot more. I could go on and on forever. It is a long journey but I can finally and honestly say that to me, heartbreaks are a blessing in disguise.

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