When you get hurt, why do you all of a sudden turn into a bitter person? Not only that, why are you so desperate to act tough and look like you are having the time of your life instead of facing what hurts and make amends with it? Because let me tell you something. You displaying yourself out there being wild, just to make sure people notice that you are “okay” just makes you look very pitiful.

Why are you so obsessed with making sure you look like the “strong” one? Because being strong does not mean looking strong and pretending that everything is okay. Just because you post a picture of you holding booze does not mean you do not go home and read through old messages and cry yourself to sleep. Just because you post a picture of you having a great time at a local bar with a bunch of strangers does not mean you do not take a peek at your phone every two minutes just to see if he called or texted… While you’re “having fun

You seem to forget that you are human and humans get hurt. Humans love and humans get disappointed. You are supposed to cry when you are unhappy. Let alone when you are heart broken. It is normal. Pain is inevitable. It happens and it is bound to happen again.

Do not say you will never love again. Do not say you will never trust again. Granted, it will take time to trust again. You are not a robot. You will fall again when you are ready. You are entitled to express your own grief, but do not cheat yourself of love that you deserve and you are destined to or with in the future just because you temporarily got hurt.

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