Call home. Talk to your mom about anything. Cook your favorite meal and plan to getaway. It does not have to be today, it can be this weekend, or the next. Look forward to it. Do not get too sad, but it’s okay to cry. Call your siblings, so you’ll feel closer to home. Wear your favorite shirt, or wear your ugliest christmas sweater and watch youtube videos.

Ride a bike and enjoy fresh air. Visit a local diner or cafe, spend an hour or maybe two and just sit and watch people come and go. Wonder if they’re missing people like you too. Ride the city bus. Talk to a stranger. Read a book. Rearrange your living room. Don’t sit in quiet, and if it does get too quiet, play your favorite song or watch netlix and binge watch a show. Call someone you miss.

Remind yourself why you are there. Remind yourself that you have gone so far. Remind yourself that you are an adult and that you have dreamt of this when you were a kid  and remind yourself that you are bright. You will make it through this. Remind yourself that you are brave and you will find your way home.


  1. Your words wash some of the emptiness from my soul. Having left ‘home’ over two weeks ago I have carried withme an emptiness that I have not been able to hide. Distractions block, for the moment, but do not help and calling my daughter ‘back home’ only widens the hole. Thanks for the breath of fresh air.

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