Have you ever sat there and think of a random memory of you doing something in the past? More likely something stupid and you laugh and wish you knew better? Maybe you skipped a class and later regretted it because you ended up failing the class. Maybe saying something hurtful to your own mother that you later regretted because you know it hurt her feelings, or crying over a stupid boy. 

One of my biggest regrets that I have is the fact that I did not take advantage of nap times in pre school. 

I believe we all have those moments where we look back and wish we did something about a situation or somehing different that could have made a situation better. Here’s some of mine…

If I could go back I would..

Communicate more instead of isolating myself from my own parents. We all have been there. When I was a teenager, I did not like hearing my parents’ opinion and I wish I knew better. 

I would cut off toxic people sooner. I was too scared to be alone and not having friends to hang out with, so I let toxic people hang around knowing they were bad influences. 

I would wash my face more and thoroughly. I wore a lot of make up and still do but back then I was on the lazy side when it came to washing myself before I went to sleep. Now, when I think about it, it really grosses me out. Again, I wish I knew better. 

I would not waste tears on boys. As I grew older I realized how stupid it was to cry over a boy and thought like it was the end of the world for me. I should have been more patient and saved myself from tears and emotional distress. Looking back at the boys that I have cried over before, they are all actually not doing so good and here I am, destined with an amazing man who treats me like a princess. 

I would spend more time with family. One of the the struggles I have now as an adult is to try to match everybody else’s days off from work. Quality time is becoming a luxury that I can barely afford. I wish I knew this back then. 

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