How often are you on your phone? What do you do on your phone besides calling and texting? Why are you always on your phone? 

When I was little, maybe 8 or 9, I remember my grandmother saying that she would only purchase a phone if she can see the person she’s talking to on the other line. This was when the Nokias were very popular. I remember having one for my first phone when I was in fourth grade. I loved it and for those who never experienced them, I personally feel that you have missed a lot. It was the Nokia 3310 I believe, tough phone. I remember having a box full of different kind of casings for it too. It had games. The famous snake that I still play to this day and the space ship game. 

Back then, phones were simple. You can text and call, save numbers and notes and play games. 

These days though, phones are very convinient and we all use it and take advantage of it. I love my phone. And yes I do more than texting and calling which is why I chose to pay more for more gigabytes. I am on my phone most of the time for many reasons. 

Texting and calling of course, these are the main reasons why we have phones. 

Take pictures and edit them. I love my DSLR camera, but sometimes it can be bulky to carry around and most of the time I want to take pictures, edit them and upload. Unless if I really want to go crazy on edit and need photoshop which I do not even use it that much, I use DSLR and edit it using my laptop. 

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. Most of us have these apps on our phones. I creep on Facebook a lot as well as Instagram, also Twitter. It has become a part of my daily routine to check them. I can’t help it. 

Blogging. I blog via phone most of the time. I check out and read other blogs via phone as well. The only time I am on my laptop is when I need or want to change a blog theme. Other than that, I am on my phone. 

Notes. I can say I am a busy person even though I work a nine to five, but my life is way more than that and outside work, I have to keep a schedule. So, I take advantage of my note and reminder app. It helps! 

2 thoughts on “WHY I LOVE MY PHONE

    1. Awe they all have great cameras! Its all about the edits and thank you! Ill check your blog out❤️


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