Something about the smell of empty notebooks and their texture, the way they sound as you flip through the pages drove me to collect them. when I walk through the isles of a local grocery or even a convinient store, I always end up strolling towards the scrapbooking or school supplies. 

This fascination that I have towards pretty blank pages and notebooks started before I discovered my love for words. When I was in elementary, I did not spend my money on candy bars. Instead, during lunch breaks I would walk to the closest bookstore where they sold hard covered notebooks. I did not have to buy them,  I really just liked to flip through them and feel them. 

Until this day, I still do the same thing I did as a kid. Whenever I get a chance, especially during my days off,  I still find myself driving to a local bookstore. With a cup of hot Starbucks coffee on hand, I could circle a bookstore all day. 

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