Today I decided to leave you behind. Waking up next to you does not feel especial anymore. Infact, waking up next to you has been hell. I do not feel worthy and I feel degraded because I was only a second hand, an option and a hobby. You were a temptation that I should have never entertained. You sucked me in and I fell too deep. It was hard for me to face and realize what I was to you. 

Today I decided to leave you behind because whenever you fall asleep next to me, all I could think of was her face and how much you love her. It made me really want to look at myself closely and ask myself why I am here. I am ashamed because I know I should not even be here. You were a guilty pleasure and you took advantage of my feelings. 

Today I decided to leave you behind because I am exhausted from watching you carry her around like a trophy and putting her on top of the world for everyone to see while you shove and hide me in the shadows. I am drained from pretending that I do not see you wear her ring while you wear nothing of me but my scent that you make sure to wash off before you leave. 

Today I decided to leave you behind because I finally realized that I deserve better and that I should have not let you in, but I did. So I am fixing it by walking away without looking back. 

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