About me pages make me feel uncomfortable. It puts me on a spotlight and it  takes me back to when I was in first grade and my teacher asked me to introduce myself in front of everybody, in a room full of strangers. That is how about me pages make me feel. So, here is a post and others to come in the future of little details about me. Let’s be like friends. The more you hang out with me here and the more you read my scribbles, the more you get to know me. 

If you did not already know, I am pregnant and I work a nine to five and sometimes, late shifts. I work with great people so I cannot complain. I have always been the type of person where I cannot leave the house and go to work without doing anything to my hair. Going to other places is a different story though. I do not know if it is the pregnancy, or the fact that my hair is on a really awkward stage of length but recently, I have been a huge fan of putting my hair on buns. Sock buns! Not because I love them, but because I have been really lazy about doing anything else. 

I used to love them, now I take them for granted and it has been my go to especially when I wake up late. 

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