Because you know your worth, you are walking away even after you were defeated by what you so called love. It really wasn’t love and it is time to wake up and face the reality of you walking alone for now. It is a blessing in disguise but you just don’t know that yet and can’t see it yet. Nobody can help you but yourself and no matter how much reading you do about how to get him back and make him see your worth, he may come back but you will forever doubt your worth. That, I promise you. You have lost and it is up to you to dig a deeper hole or climb up and start to heal. Time can heal and sure it takes time. It can take time but if you love yourself, it is not imposible to forget him overnight. I have done it before for the reason that I have more respect for myself than anything else in this world and I wish that is something I can share with you and to the other girls who are dealing with the same thing you are. But I can’t and all I have are words and you have you. You do not need anyone but yourself and the sooner you realize that, the better for you. 

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