I am Midnight a four year old Labrador Retriever. My mum often asks me who was a good boy. Clearly, it was me. Let’s just state the obvious that I was the only boy in her life. Being with her was heaven and all I wanted to do was make sure she was protected from everything that is harmful. Like the mailman, the exterminator guy who comes around our house and sprays poisonous water around us. I always sense something when he comes around. He acts nice to me, and to my mum but I know he is up to something and just waiting for me to look away. Our neighbor cat, I do not exactly know her name but she watches us many times a day but it is okay, because I watch her back. She is an emotional terrorist. The ants, there are many of them but I always manage to eat them all before they get anywhere close to my mum. Nevertheless, my point is that I always protect her so that answers her question when she asks who is the good boy. It’s me, and I know it. 

But not long ago my mum started wearing a round metal around her finger. It makes me think of my collar but she wears it on her finger instead of her neck….

To be continued

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