I am awaken by the smell of spring. I then realized We slept with our windows bare. The sunlight reaches us and makes our bed even warmer, but not too warm. The wind blows and I smell fresh flowers. My caffeine obsession tells me to brew coffee. Just a mug or two since I am the only one here who likes it. But hearing you breathe in deep sleep makes me want to stay in bed forever. You look so peaceful and I wonder what you are dreaming about. I have always wanted to experience this. Laying here with the one I love and adore, burried in between white sheets and not thinking of anything else but what I feel at the moment. Cozy. 

So I lay here for five more minutes or maybe six before getting up to start our early meal. I want you to wake up to the smell of breakfast. I believe that’s the second best way to wake up. Anybody would agree. I brew my caffeine, make our meal and walk around this old house for a little bit just to appreciate the old wood creak as I walk on them holding my cup of jo. The smell of old wood and coffee combined makes me think of one of those movies where they live in a house far away from people, have a farm and just enjoy simplicity. I think everybody deserves this kind of break. Everybody deserves to wake up to the sound of nothing but birds, not the alarm clock or the door bell. Finally, I found my way back to our room. I examime the view from the hall way while still holding my huge mug, where I can see our bed. I walk closer with the intention to wake you up. Not that I want to, but the food would get cold if I let you sleep more. I sit there trying to decide if a hot meal is worth waking you up but then you moan and open your eyes. That just tells me I made the breakfast right. 

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