It feels pretty awful and tragic at the same time because you start to lose yourself. It feels as though you have to be somebody and wear a mask instead of just being flat you. You want to be you but it is just not as simple as that. It feels like all of your opinions are wrong, but they are opinions. How could they be wrong? Exactly. It feels like you are there only to listen how his or her day went. It feels like there is always a competition between you and him. It feels boring and it feels irritating. You become annoyed by the way he talks and the way he brags. It feels like you have to keep up with him. You do not feel secure. You say you do, but deep inside you are insecure so you go through his friends list and keep up with who he is adding, who he is talking and where he has been going. You become a jealous person and he calls you crazy. It feels as though you are losing yourself and when you look at yourself in the mirror, you see a person who is far from yourself.

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