Picture this. It is ten o’clock in the morning and you are just waking up, buried between white sheets and eight pillows, you feel like you are floating or laying on a cloud that is floating around. It is not cold but not hot either.  You breathe in and the smell of freshness makes you want to open your eyes and you do. The open windows greet you with a mild wind blowing that is just perfect so you can smell leaves and flowers that are planted right outside and as you get up to walk to the window you hear nothing but the birds, wind and the sound of the old wooden floor as you walk on them…

Do something fun and leave everything behind for a day or maybe two. Or maybe forever. Wake up late and leave your hair down. Break the routine for a change. Breath and sit to enjoy a cup of Jo. Turn off you phone and silent your emails. Go somewhere where it is quiet and where you feel most alive.

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