I watched you walk pass me everyday and sat by the bench where I rested. I watched you watch her smile and adored her as much I adored you. You chose her over me. You said she was pretty. But I was a flower just waiting to bloom in spring and I had colors that were just waiting to burst. But it was not my time yet. My mother told me, my colors are to die for and my colors are vibrant. I hoped you would change your mind, and hoped one day you would come running to me and tell me how pretty I looked. But you did not want to wait. Instead, you went along with the seasons and every season I watched you adore others over me just because I was not ready. Until one day I finally saw signs of spring and still you were not around. Then all of a sudden I felt pretty. In fact, more than that when I saw my own colors starting to come out. My mother was right and I realized how amazing I can be alone. I will bloom, with or without you.

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