At a very young age my father made sure that I was aware of what kind of man he wanted me to end up with. Even though I know he was unsure if I understood. I was a child, but I remember and I can still hear his voice. I can still see his face and even smell him whenever I think about it. He told me to find a man whose nothing like him. Because he said he was impatient even though I did not see how. Not then atleast, but as I grew older I realized what he meant. He told me to find a man who was humble, because he was arrogant. He told me to find a man who can be romantic, because he was indifferent. He told me to find someone who’s devoted because he was not perfect. All these things he described how he wanted the man for me offended me, because I loved him and he was not talking so good about himself and he was my hero but he said I was his pride. All along I really did not think of it. Although, it was always in the back of my mind. Until I met you. You were bizarre at first, but then slowly each day you reminded me of what he told me more than a decade ago. You reminded me of his smell. You reminded me of his face when he spoke those words that offended me. This time, though I did not feel any insult. I felt safe and I felt happy. Because all along I thought the idea of what he described more than ten years ago was just an imagination, or an idea that I will never witness. I lay awake at night and watch you breathe in deep sleep and wonder if he knew I was going to meet you and just gave me a heads up when I was little. Because he was spot on. Even though you are the farthest thing from him, you have become the closest to my heart. Everyday I wish that I could thank him for describing you. Everyday i wish he was still here to meet you. 

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