So it is Friday the 13th and I am home laying in bed with my husband after a long day of work. Maybe not. But for a pregnant 21 year old, yes. This is my first pregnancy so everything is new to me and unexpected. While i scroll down my feed I enjoyed seeing other people’s post about random vents and chitchats. It makes me feel good. That means I am not alone. I have a blog if I have not mentioned that already. It is and you are welcome to visit it. Well you are probably thinking why in the hell am I over here writing. Well, see I wanted to be more organized by dedicating my other blog for more creative writings and stuff. I was happy but I also wanted to have something that I can carry with me anywhere and everywhere, something like a journal where I can post as much as I can. Something free. 

So here I am. I hope to find friends on this part of the internet. I love to read and I love to vent. Hopefully this works out well for me. Fancy a chat? I could use a friend. 


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