I would like to officially welcome everybody to this blog. As my title says, ‘Spoiled Chats’ already tells you a little bit about this blog. I recently decided to create an extension of my other blog Little Miss Kateye since I always have the itch to post all the time. I wanted to have a more casual site where I can update you guys more than once a day. See, I love sharing and writing and I wanted to organize my blog more by dedicating my other blog to creative and formal writing where as this one will be casual and more simple. Also, my photos on this blog will simply be taken using my iPhone camera where as my Little Miss Kateye blog, you will find photos taken by my dslr. Kind of like an extension for my Instagram too.
On this blog, you will find me posting more than once a day and most of the time I will be posting via phone, not laptop like I do on the other blog. That does not mean that I am going to put less effort on this blog, this blog will be the one I carry with me 24/7. I created this blog for anytime posting. Meaning literally when I see something or think of something, this is where it will all go.

Although I am looking forward to post away on this blog about my random thoughts and what I might run into, I am still working on connecting this blog to my bloglovin and other social media accounts. So, stay in tune and follow me on Twitter and Instagram if you haven’t already!


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